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BEST FOOD IN OAKLAND's mission is to prop up Oakland food businesses and encourage locals and visitors to eat local right here in The Town.

BEST FOOD IN OAKLAND is a community-driven Instagram page that points hungry folks to Oakland food businesses by re-sharing epic food photos from restaurants and foodies who snap before they eat. #since2015

BEST FOOD IN OAKLAND is evolving into not just an online digital showcase of #hellayummy food, but a hyperlocal resource that provides a colorful glimpse into the food scene in Oakland, California, a multicultural mecca in The Bay.

BEST FOOD IN OAKLAND was started by fellow foodie Tracey Friley -- a 25+ year Oakland resident, 13 year Oakland gift shop owner, National Geographic Traveler of the Year award winner & former Foodspotting freak -- as a fun way to find great local food that quickly turned into a treasured community resource.