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Welcome to the Blog...

I'm going to keep this short.

But first, THANK YOU for being a part of the food community at @bestfoodinoakland on Instagram!

Let’s face it: COVID has us out here pivoting and adapting to everything, including how we dine. But in a world that seems to be trying to tear us apart, food is one of the most important ways of bringing folks together.

I'm hoping that both the IG page and this blog are spaces you can visit that encourage you to eat and support Oakland's local restaurants, chefs, restaurant workers, caterers & food businesses.

In my personal bubble, I have had to pivot and adapt like everyone else. My travel business is in transition. My 13 year old gift store shut down on September 30, 2020. The Fall 2020 soft launch of Tracey's Table, a business specifically designed to bring groups of people together to eat in close proximity, is literally off the table. Customized pop up picnics on fluffy pillows with vintage goblets, fresh flowers & #hellayummy eats is off the table. Long table dinners at Black owned farms with food from the farm cooked by Black chefs and wine by Black winemakers is off the table. That was the plan. Folks were standing by. But now we wait.

And in spite of all of the adapting and pivoting, I'm right here dedicated to celebrating Oakland and our food; sharing all of our best most epic food images on IG; managing lists that help you determine who's open and who's Black; using e-commerce to sell Oakland-centric and food related items on the site; curating Oakland food gift boxes; and, micro-blogging about the Oakland food scene and its players here on the #hellayummy in oakland blog.

Enough already. Welcome to the blog! Welcome to best food in oakland...


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18 July 2020
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